Cute Notes for Her – Girlfriend Love Notes

It is no news that women are moved by what they hear. So, communicating your feelings by occasionally sending cute text messages is a great way to keep her swooning over you and of course, it is quite romantic too. Keep that special one blushing all day by making use of the romantic love notes below.

Sweet Love Notes for Girlfriend

Keep the love burning with these top Sweet Love Notes for Girlfriend.

  • Our Vow of Love

Hold my hand, let’s take a stand, together for love let’s take a vow. To stay together until the end of times, to live together till eternity comes knocking.

  • Your Love is My Fire

Your love fires me up like a match, it fills my heart with a glow so divine. I can’t imagine a life without you baby.

  • Thanks for All That Our Love Is

Our love has been so tender; our love had been so rich. Our love has been true; our love has been full. Thanks, my dear, for a love so right.

  • I Can’t Repay Your Love

I spent all day thinking of ways to repay you for loving me and I realized no gift will ever be enough. So, I promise to stay faithful and committed to you. I will love you forever my dear.

  • Would You Be Mine Forever?

I want to toss and bump into you on the bed, I want to come home to you after work, I want to make a family with you. I want you, only you to be mine forever.

Love Notes for Her

  1. You Are So Cute

You are such a cutie: cuddly, unsullied, trustworthy, interesting and effulgent. You are a big sweet cutie.

  1. Your Love Is Life

What do you call a love that gives you a reason to get up every morning? Life. You, my dear, are my life.

  1. I Want More of You

It is going to take a dam to quench the thirst your love has plunged my heart in. I can never get enough of you my dear.

  • Your Love Is Exceptional

Prettier than the lilies, softer than a feather. Fuller than an elephant’s trunk. So, my dear is your love in my heart.

  • I Am All Yours

All I own: you own. My love, my heart, my money, my time and my body. You have all at your fingertips.

Love Notes for Her

Romantic Love Notes for Her.

  • Welcome to the Family

Not only have you captured my heart, you have also made my parents love you. Welcome to the family.

  • Open Up My Dear

I see you, I see your struggles, I see the hurt and pain you had to endure. Let me wipe your tears, give me a chance to make you happy.

  • You Are Always on My Mind

If I earn a stone for every time I think about you, we would have a castle at the end of the month. I love you so much, my dear.

  • You Are My Favourite

You are my favourite chocolate, dark and sweet. My favourite movie; funny and intriguing. My world revolves around you.

  • My Emblem of Perfection

You represent the good left in this world, the sun on a rainy day, the laughter in a gloomy night. You are an emblem of all that is right and perfect.

  • Can I Be Your Shadow?

I don’t mean to be overbearing but can I be your shadow, I can actually do better than it does you know, I can protect you, hold you and cook your meals. Aren’t you better off with me?

  • You Inspire Me

Knowing the kind of past you had and seeing who you have become through it all has left me in awe of you. You are an inspiration.

  • I Miss You Dear

You have been out for a while now so I decided to send you this to make you smile. I miss you, baby, come home soon.

  • You Are Always Perfect

With or without your make up: you look stunning. When you laugh, when you cry: you are beautiful. When you sleep, when you wake: you are adorable. I love you.

  1. I Will Do Anything for You

Day by day, I will race for pay. To put a diamond on your neck, I will work until dusk. To give you all your desires, I will do all it takes. I love you, my dear.

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Love Notes for Your Girlfriend

Make her wake up to these sweet Love Notes for Your Girlfriend.

  • My Solemn Promise

I do not have a crown but I will treat you like a queen. I am no God but I will make our home heavenly. You can always count on me.

  • Your Love Is Perpetually Refreshing

You have added a certain freshness to my air, a confident gait to my steps and an astounding brightness to my life. I love you so much.

  • You Are a Wonder

My delight, my delight, with a beauty remarkable like the bleeding heart. Like the dahlia bloom, you feel me with mesmerizing wonder.

  • Our Love Is Timeless

I haven’t worn a watch since I met you because time is insignificant when I am with you.

  • You Make Me Better Than Ever

I am proud of the person I have become; you have influenced me in awesome unimaginable ways. Whatever it is you are doing to me, please don’t stop, it is working.

  • Be Mine Forever

Forever is such a long time to spend with the wrong person. Since you are always right, I want to spend forever with you.

  • I Am Emulating You

You charmed me, didn’t you? Because I find myself imitating you often. The way you walk, talk and laugh. I am obviously smitten by you.

  • You Are Flawless

Those things you consider flaws, I consider unique. You don’t need to be embarrassed about anything when you are with me. I love you the way you are.

  • Your Love Inspires Me

My thoughts have been refined since I met you. I keep thinking about how to be better at what I do. Who knew love could inspire greatness.

  • I Will Always Be There for You

When you feel like dancing, call me up. I will spin you around like a ballerina. If you need a home cooked meal, call me up. I will give you the taste of home. If ever you need a cuddle, call me up. I will hold you until daybreak. I will always be there for you dear.

Short Love Notes for Girlfriend

Charming Short Love Notes for Girlfriend.

  • I pray you have a great day, full of opportunities, rewarding and fulfilling. I pray for you because I care. I love you.
  • I just want to remind you that you mean so much to me and I care a lot about you. I miss you so much, dear.
  • My heart is plunged into a deep longing when you are far and when you are near, it is engulfed in happiness. I love you so much.
  • You make me a complete man, whole and full. Like a puzzle, you fit into my life in the right places. I love you.
  • You are the most lovable person ever, charming and adorable. I am never going to stop loving you.
  • You are a mind reader, aren’t you? Because you seem to always know what to do to make me happy. Thanks for coming into my life.
  • A love that holds no trouble, a love that harbours no pain. A love clear and dear, a love pure and true. This I promise you my dear from year to year.
  • In ecstasy, my soul shudders. In fulfilment, my heart beats. Forever I choose this sweet fairy tale that started the day you walked into my life.
  • Not only have you captured my body, you have my heart in your hands too. You are really special you know.
  • I am committed to making this work at whatever cost. I will fight for this love because you are worth it.

Cute Love Notes for Her

Excite your girlfriend with these Cute Love Notes for Her.

  • Make my heart your palace; dwell in its vast space. Make my arms your pillars, hold them when you are weak. Make my home your home, come and dwell with me forever.
  • I love you for those little traits that make you “you”, those faintest characters that single you out from the crowd. Every detail about you is intriguing and that is why you are a special one.
  • I love the way you curl up when you sleep, the way you laugh out when excited. I love the curve of your neck, the twinkle in your eyes. You are a craft of inestimable value.
  • I know you have been hurt and deceived in the past, why don’t you let me fix that. Open up to me my love.
  • You are all shades of beauty, all shades of loveliness with face imbued with a queen’s charm. Heart full of dignity, heart full of grace, heart precious like a gold plated watch. Such is yours, my dear, such is yours.
  • Make me a royalty, let me bear on my head the crown of your love. Give to me the sceptre of your heart, clothe me with the regalia of your trust, let your life be my palace, my dear.
  • like an earthly store; in you, I find all I need to live a life worthwhile. You are my angelic miracle; in you, I find the courage to waver through storms. In you I have found rest, in you, I have found peace. Thanks for loving me, sweetheart.
  • I might not be the typical romantic man, I might not know the best way to show my love for you but do not judge the depth of my feeling by my want of expression. The truth is I love you much more than you think.
  • Your character is marked by a certain candour. In great exuberance, your loveliness is established. Your actions are marked by a certain gaiety, how can I ever find fault with one so perfect. Have a wonderful day my beauty.
  • I am giving you a gift, one so precious and tender. People may say I am foolish to hand over such treasure but who else can I trust to keep it safe and well nurtured if not you. So take my heart, my dear, it is all yours.
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Long Love Notes for Her

Make her feel special with these Long Love Notes for Her.

  • I will love you when all is sweet and well and love you still when the arguments and misunderstanding starts. Whatever happens, I won’t stop loving you.
  • I love you with your flaws: well dressed or not. I love you when you make me smile or frown. My love for you is natural, subjective to nothing.
  • Be my princess and I will be your enchanted raven. Set me free with your lovely kiss, make me a man again by your undying love.
  • My love, my love hold me tight and make me warm. Let your gentle caresses massage my weary limbs. My love, my love take my heart and make it thine.
  • I am not just going to keep talking about this love, I will do this love, leave you signs and show you how much I care.
  • I am more than lucky to have met you, I am blessed to have met you. You have transformed me in ways unimaginable. I love you.
  • I will give you more than you need and want, all I ask in return is that you trust me to take care of you. Isn’t that a fair deal?
  • I promise to always keep this love bright but I need you to hold the candle right so I set it alight. It would work out, don’t give up on us.
  • I can go for days without food but I wouldn’t survive an hour without you. I am loving you forever.
  • I know how your mind works, I know what your eyes speak. I understand the language of your gestures and the hidden words behind your expressions. I know you more than anyone will ever do and that’s because I love you.

Romantic Love Notes to Your Girlfriend

Romantic Love Notes to Your Girlfriend to make her feel loved.

  • This kind of love I have prayed for, this kind of love I have wished for. You make me a happy man.
  • Now I know why love is priceless because nothing can ever take your place in my heart.
  • Will you be mine forever? Please say yes because a no might take my life.
  • You are irresistible, your love encloses me like a spell. You know you have charmed me right?
  • I love the way your vision fits into mine, I love the way our goals align. We definitely have a bright future ahead.
  • The span of your hips, the curve of your waist, the rosiness of your cheeks, the fullness of your lips. I am captivated by you, my love.
  • They say love is a myth but ours is as real as it is beautiful. I guess we are living legends then.
  • What I feel for you is more than love, it is greater than infatuation. All I know is I want to be with you forever.
  • Listen to the voice of my heart, let it tell you the tales of a love so right. Pay attention to my gestures and you will see my love is unquestionable.
  • I know you know I adore you, I know you know I cherish you and I know you know I love you. Well, if you didn’t know, now you do.

Romantic Love Note to My Girlfriend

Romantic Love Notes to My Girlfriend to make her feel special.

  • Stand by me, let’s write our story, stand with me, let’s start a journey. Stay with me, let’s make a life.
  • You are more than enough for me, you are a complete package, I can’t wish for more.
  • My queen with dazzling beauty, your crown is decked with dignity, your signet is that of peace. Can I eat at your table forever?
  • You cover my flaws and highlight my strengths. You compliment me in all possible ways and I am grateful my dear.
  • I want you now, forever till eternity. I can’t imagine ever being with any other. How are you doing today my dear?
  • I will willingly trade all I have for you, I will sacrifice all in my possession without a second thought. That’s how much you mean to me.
  • You are the best version of womanhood. You are all a soulmate should be and more. I love you.
  • When were you going to tell me the truth about your identity, your true self? I know you are an angel, don’t deny it!
  • I am so favoured to have met you, I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thanks for choosing me, dear.
  • I was patiently waiting for you, I had turned a blind eye to many advances because I was waiting for you. What took you so long.
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Sweet Romantic Notes to Girlfriend

Check out these Sweet Romantic Notes to Girlfriend.

  • Be my plank, keep me afloat. Be my anchor, save me from drowning. Be my air, keep me alive. Be my wife, make me your man.
  • I threw gems into the air and begged the breeze to blow them your way so when you see stars in the sky tonight, know they are my gems and a sign of my love.
  • You give meaning to my life, you give life to my world. I love you more than you can ever imagine.
  • You should be proud of who you have made out of me, I have become the best of myself all because I met you.
  • I wouldn’t dare make you cry except they are happy tears, your pain is my pain, your joy my joy, your happiness my delight. I love you, my dear.
  • If everyone could be like you, the world wouldn’t be such a terrible place. I love you.
  • You know you exert so much influence in my world and have earned my respect right?
  • Your voice is as rich as it is sweet, your words are melodious and appealing to the ears. I would gladly listen to you all day. I love you, dear.
  • Its raining heavily so I had to send this text. I hope it warms you up.
  • Though the sun fades at the emergence of dusk, my love for you will remain unfazed. Thou the stars seek their caves at the appearance of dawn, my love for you remains fixed. I love you.

Sweet Romantic Love Notes for Her

Sweet Romantic Love Notes for your girlfriend.

  • You know I would jump down a cliff for you, swim in the red sea with a smile. You know I would drink an ocean dry and quench an inferno with my breath. That’s how much I love you.
  • I love you. I know I have said it a million times already but I am never going to stop saying it so, get used to it dear.
  • You are family now and family stick together no matter what. Let’s make it work, we have been through so much to let anything pull us apart. I love you so much.
  • I would do the needful for you and attempt the impossible for you. That’s how much I care.
  • This is more than a fairytale, it is much more than I ever dreamed of. The love you have shown me is more valuable than all the gems in the world.
  • Maybe I may not have the capacity to always give you what you want, but I will surely strive to give you all you need. I love you, darling.
  • You know you are stuck with me right? You know I am hanging on to your neck like a chain. You are not going to be able to get rid of me, baby, because I am here to stay.
  • You not only make me happy, you give me comfort and brighten my life. I love you, dear.
  • You deserve all the happiness you can get in this life, all the love and joy possible. Stay with me, let me give you all.
  • I couldn’t sleep all night as I kept thinking of how bright a future we will have. Stay with me dear, let’s make it happen.