Cute Good Morning Texts for Him (Boyfriend)

As magical as love is, it can always be worked on to get better. As soothing as romantic words are, humans never get enough of them.

If we want the feelings of love to be perpetuated, we’ll have to work it out. So spice things up with that special person with these early morning messages that would surely make him merry.

Cute Good Morning Texts for Him

Cute Good morning texts you can send to your Boyfriend to make His day blissful.

  • Every night is a vigil. Because every night I can’t wait to see your sun-kissed smile at the break of day.
  • Days without you are like night skies without stars and mornings without sunrise.
  • Love is not a feeling. Love is not a thing. I touch love when I touch your face. Good Morning, dear.
  • Life is so much richer, spending it with you. Love is so much sweeter sharing it with you. Good Morning.
  • You are like the sun my love, and I am like butter. Melting at the tiniest instance of your touch. Good Morning, cutie.
  • Every day with you is an adventure and I can’t wait for what today brings. Good Morning, sweetie.
  • I wish you had your ear to my heart and hear every beat spell out your name. Good Morning, my heart.
  • Like night skies without stars, and mornings without sunrise. So are my days without you. Good Morning, dear.
  • You are the dream my mind long conceived. You are the choice my heart longed to make. Good Morning, love.
  • When I was younger, I would dream of the perfect man. But right now, I would never want to meet him. Because I would never settle for less than you and there is no more. Good Morning, mine.

Cute Good Morning Messages for Boyfriend

Wake him up with these Cute Good Morning Messages for Boyfriend.

  • You are the sight my sore eyes long to see, you are the radiance the morning sun longs to be. Good Morning, my love.
  • Like fish follows water and night follows day. So does my heart follow you.
  • Is this real? Or am I dreaming? Because I could have sworn that the wind whispered your name and the sun winked in acknowledgement of our love.
  • You have won the race to my heart the least I can do is be the first to welcome you into this new day.
  • If life was a race you take first place. Good Morning to you, the centre of my heart.
  • I am convinced that on the day of your birth perfection saw you, and took notes on how it could be better.
  • Your eyes are like the break of dawn, ushering me into better days.
  • Who knew that real life could be such a dream. Every day looks unrealistically beautiful with you.
  • Your brows are like majestic clouds. Your eyes are like stars. Your nose is shaped like the bridge between the divine and the natural. Your lips hide the sound of angels.
  • My eyes delight in your form. My heart delights in your mind.

Cute Good Morning Texts for Him

The best of all Cute Good Morning Texts for Him.

Cutest Good Morning Texts for Boyfriend

  • I would climb mountains. And swim oceans each day, if only to hear the sound of your voice and the words of your lips.
  • What is music to my soul, compared to gazing into the windows of yours that leads me down the rabbit hole to wonderland?
  • If there was a do-over at life, I would not change a thing for the fear that I would lose you.
  • I had a nightmare last night. I dreamt that I had lost you, and woke up to the realization of what my life would be without you.
  • You are the melody. I am the words. Together we are The song.
  • My dreams were of us, two souls destined to meet in the space of life and here we are, fulfilling destiny. Since yesterdays past till forever, I will love you. Good morning love. The sun will sing of us.
  • I watched the skies last night and the stars painted your face. I long for today, waiting, anticipating the second I see your eyes.
  • True love shines, and ours shines even more. Good morning my dear, let the sun burn jealous with our love.
  • A blank message to you is what I am often tempted to send to you. Not because I am lazy, or want to play a prank, but because our love is hard to pen. I love you more than words can say, and I get to love you more each day. Enjoy a new day my love. Let today be a celebration of our love.
  • They say that air is essential for life. I say that you take my breath away at the mere thought of you. Good morning love, I can’t wait to see you.
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Cutest Good Morning Texts for Him – Boyfriend

Check out these Cutest Good Morning Texts for Boyfriend.

  • From the first day we met. I knew that you would have my today and lifetime in your grasp. You are magical.
  • They say that once you have found true love, you know. But I feel that true love found me. Good morning to the most loving person I know.
  • What is wealth in comparison to you. With you by my side, I feel that we have all we need.
  • A little bird came to whisper to me and told me how lucky you are to have me. I smiled and told it that I was luckier to have you.
  • May your morning be as beautiful as the smiles you put on my face each day.
  • It would not be so hard to believe if you told me that you were an angel, for I see the light you bear on the wings of your heart and I am grateful for the day we met.
  • The story of my life would be grossly incomplete without you. Let us make more memories on this new day, my love.
  • Life without love is empty, me without you is bleak.
  • My love for you outshines the sun. It is lengthier than the distance of space. From today till forever, I will love you.
  • Our love is like a bonfire. It lights up our lives and protects us from the chills of life. It is hope in the darkness, it is peace in the storm.
  • My dream is to love life and live love with you.
  • Our love is simply Amazing, Beautiful and Colourful.
  • Our hearts are destined for each other like caged birds longing for air.
  • Our love shines like fireworks. Wild, untamed and with hope for better days.
  • I love you. Not because you are totally perfect, but because you are perfect in your little imperfections.
  • The worst part of my day is when I watch you trudge back home. I can’t wait to see you today.
  • As the sun rises may my love soar with it to places even eagles fear to tread.
  • Ours is the love story Romeo and Juliet wished to be. I bestow a good morning, to the Prince in my happy ever after.
  • Those that sleep the sleep of kings are awoken by Queens. Good morning, my lovely king.
  • To the guardian of my heart. I say good morning. May this day usher you into your dreams.
  • What our love needs is not forever, but today, one day into the next of being blessings in each other’s life to be the sweetest thing to grace earth’s stage.
  • Our love is like fireworks that would leave an eternal spark that inspires the future. We shall be remembered for our love.
  • If stories and fairy tales could speak, they would speak of the higher love that their writer tried to conceive. They would speak of our love.
  • The potency of our love is not that you love a perfect woman, or that I love a perfect man. But that the perfection of our love is that we love the imperfect.
  • As refreshing as a cold drink on a hot day is, so is our love to me. Have a refreshing day my love.
  • You are like cake to me my sweets. I can’t get enough of you. Have a sweet day today.
  • To my love, let your day be filled with love and beauty.
  • To my sugar and spice, have a super nice day.
  • My love. I wish that the sun would wake you up to a bright day for you.
  • I wish you a day that is as fair as me, one in which your heart desires be met as surely as the sun rises every morning.
  • To the love of my life, I wish you a day filled with love, hope and long-lasting memories.
  • To my star. May your day burn like the sun. May your eyes hold the light, that you will never be disturbed by dark times.
  • I send you my love my dear, to keep you strong and safe throughout today.
  • I hear that there is no force more potent than love and my dear, my love for you is boundless. Let your day reflect my love for you.
  • When you rise up, I hear the birds gossip to the sun that the most handsome man in the world has awoken. I see the sun quickly rush to witness this spectacular event and I don’t want to be the last to join in. Good morning my dear.
  • In the place of our love, the rock will drip honey and the rivers flow milk. May your day be sweet, my love.
  • Happiness lies between those two eyes of yours. May your vision capture your world today, my love.
  • To the peace of my heart, may trouble not find you today, my love.
  • Every day you wake up is another day my joy increases. Good morning my love.
  • I would go the ends of the world in search of you. For my love for you pulls more sway than the wonders of this world. Good morning, my love.
  • Let your day be filled with wonder, my dear. I love you so much.
  • I send my love-filled greetings to my one and only for this day. I hope that would do! Good morning.
  • A hearty morning to the love of my life. May the knot of our love sustain you throughout the day.
  • As sure as the sunrise and sunset is to a day, so will success and everything good be a constant in your life today
  • May your day be as colourful as rainbows and as sweet as our love my dear.
  • May your day go as strong and steady as my love for you.
  • To see you retain your smile is all I desire for my love today.
  • Good morning my love. Let our love be like a rock in the midst of the fast flowing rivers of life.
  • My love, as you think of me, may hope, love and faith fill your soul this morning.
  • I am grateful for another day we get to make the oceans jealous with the depth of our love.
  • To lose you would mean that the sun has lost its shine and the stars, it’s sparkles. Good morning my love.
  • I am grateful to be part of a love predestined from the start. I am grateful to be part of our eternal love.
  • You are my sunrise – the symbol of endless possibilities, when together and sunset, apart.
  • The day without you, would be like a black sun – an aberration. You give me the strength to believe that there is still light in the world.
  • To dream of a day without you is to imagine a day without air.
  • Ours is a garden of love, skilfully tended. The only beauty I see is between us. Good morning my dear.
  • I will hold on to you, as steady as the beating of my heart, my heart would sing songs of our love.
  • To find a love like ours is rare. So, I wake up each morning, I am grateful to have you.
  • May today hold for you as much bounty as what you store in my heart.
  • Your eyes shine like dawn and your lashes reclaim dusk. Our days are trapped in your eyes, my love.
  • Because you don’t hesitate to give me your all every day. I will not hesitate to unleash every blessing on your day. Good morning my love, have a blessed day
  • They say that fine wine tastes better with age. So does our love grow with each sunrise.
  • You make my world beautiful. So I pray that your day ends up beautiful as well.
  • Like the moon, I went to bed thinking of you and arose with you on my mind. Good morning love.
  • You make me fall in love over and over again. For that, you deserve the best morning there ever was.
  • To love you is like tasting a piece of heaven. Good morning my love.
  • You, my dear, have a face that lights up any place and I wish that your day would be full of light.
  • The night might feel that it had separated us, but true love has no distance. Good morning my love.
  • Dusk will fade to night and dawn change today, but my love for you will remain unchanged.
  • If my love for you was to change, it would change to more love. Good morning my love.
  • I may not be the most poetic person you would ever meet. But when I say ‘I love you’ it carries with it a depth even oceans can’t fathom. Good morning my love, I love you.
  • As the night sky gives way to the brightness of dawn, so doth my love for you shine beyond the brightness of the sun. Good morning baby.
  • It would have been okay if I just knew you, but I can’t live an ordinary life and that is why I love you. Good morning my dear.
  • Sometimes I wish for the sake of you that there was a word bigger than love. However, I am more than grateful to have a word to describe how I feel towards you. Good morning dear.
  • Some have called me crazy, others say I act desperate. Truth is that I am desperately crazily in love with you.
  • It’s more than mere words. It’s more than mere feelings. It is a reaffirmed commitment every time I say ‘ I love you ‘.
  • I will take any day I am alive as a good day. But I will take any day you are with me for a great day.
  • It is more fortunate for one to live a life of love than a life of wealth. I am most fortunate I met you, my love. Good morning.
  • It would be a dream come true to grow old and grey with you. Because in you is my happy ever after.
  • To share a love young and vibrant is a beautiful thing. But when the sun sets on our love, I am certain that we would radiate the beauty of stars. Good morning, my love.
  • If there was ever a doubt that there is a God, you are the proof. I am grateful that we met.
  • Last night, I reflected on the beautiful blessings in my life and you were the first name to pop up. It has been a dream come true knowing you my love. Good morning.
  • Someone once called you fortunate to have me. I smiled and told the person that I was the lucky one. Good morning my dear, thanks for making me the luckiest girl on earth
  • Two of the biggest blessings in my life is life and you. My life is more blessed with you.
  • To live a life without love is empty. To live a life without you is bleak.
  • Through pain and hardships, past fights and quarrels, our love blooms. It might not be perfect yet. But we are well on our way. Good morning my love.
  • If heaven gave you a receipt of all my prayer transactions, you would see that you are the one I pray most about.
  • I could swear that time slows down every time I see you. Life is like a movie with you.
  • I know that together we are a bomb and our future is explosive. Kisses! Good morning.
  • Like a match to my flame, you push me to be better. Like the sun to my moon, you spur me on to shine. You are the best thing to happen to me, my love. Good morning.
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