I am Sorry Messages For Wife – Sweet & Romantic

Sorry Messages for Wife : There are many obstacles in a relationship even a married couple aren’t exempt from misunderstanding, fights or arguments. I learned from my grandma that a little quarreling between a married couple sweetened their relationship. But don’t let the silly matter to be a big problem so it is better to … Read more

Sorry Messages for Friends – Apology Quotes

I Am Sorry Messages for Friends : Words To Say I’m Sorry Dear Friend. Friendship is a relationship where fights and arguments start from silliest things or reasons and fights and misunderstanding is also a part of friendship. It doesn’t a big matter cause those love more also hurt more and obviously they are bestie. … Read more

Sorry Messages For Husband – Best Apology Quotes

Sorry Messages For Husband : Sometimes silly fight, argument or misunderstanding can mislead a married life which can create a disaster on a sweet relationship. Most often it starts from a very little argument. No matter what is the problem if you want to apologize it will be better for both. And if it is … Read more

Sorry Messages For Dad : I Am Sorry Dad Quotes

Sorry Messages For Dad : Sorry messages and quotes to use in apology for father. Dad means the shelter, dad means the protection, dad means the shadow and dad mean the most respectable person in everyone’s life. If accidentally you have some misunderstanding with your dad or through your undesired saying or rude behavior just … Read more

I Am Sorry Messages For Mother – Apology Quotes

Sorry Messages and Quotes For Mother : Making mistakes is a common nature of all human beings. Sometime we have hurt our mom in rough mood and does something wrong that we shouldn’t have to do. Thanks to God there is repentance and forgiveness and it is sure that our mom loves and care us … Read more