Best I Love You Mom Quotes from Daughter

It is no news that mothers are unquestionably the best companion one can ever have in this life. That you are in existence today is because a woman conceived you.

We all have mothers. We know their inputs in our lives. We love them so much and appreciate their efforts and love toward us. But, sometimes the words are just lacking. We cant find expressions in our mouths. Words suddenly fail us and were overwhelmed.

Again, it is good to appreciate people, especially our parents. Mothers are priceless, they are special, and sometimes just an I love you Mom always does. Gratitude and words of affections motivate one to do more, encourages and inspires one.

Your Mom needs those words as well. Tell her how much you adore her; how much her effort is appreciated in just a few lines. Here’s something that would help:

Sweet I Love You Mom Messages from Daughter

Mothers can not be loved enough because they are too precious. As a lovely daughter that you are, here are Sweet I Love You Mom Messages from Daughter you can send to her.

  • “You’ve been a source of inspiration to me mother. My hero; my world. I love you so much.”
  • “You taught me wisdom;
    You taught me discipline;
    Above all, you taught me to love.
    I will always love and cherish you, mother.”
  • “I look forward to the day when you’ll become so old and vulnerable, so I can give you all the love and care you showed me. Love you to the moon and back mother.”
  • “Last night, as I rolled on the bed in my sleepless night, your image appeared.
    It told me everything was okay; that I am safe and that there’s nothing really to fear.
    I love you mom even in my dreams.”
  • “Yesterday, the sun couldn’t shine and the moon went to hide. Because of my shamed act, the world laughed at me. But you were there mom. You covered my shame and caused the sun to shine again. I love you till the end of the world.”
  • “Sleep fled my eyes last night and the darkness overwhelmed me. I picked up my phone and dialled your line. Sleep came after you made me laugh. Love you, sweet mom.”
  • “The land is green and fruitful because of you;
    The land is merciful and happy because of you;
    The world is at peace because of your presence.
    You make life worth living mom. Love you like no other.”
  • “I remember when I used to be a baby; how you often sang me beautiful songs to sleep; tell me stories of legends; of Ifa and Idemili. These are memories I can never forget. You are the best mom. Love you.”
  • “Mother, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You’re my life yeah. Love you so much.”
  • “You gave me hope in my deepest dilemma;
    You comforted me, and love when the world turned their backs on me.
    I love you dearest mom.”
  • “The sun shines because of your presence;
    The moon smiles down at me because you’re alive;
    The stars dance when they hear your voice. Love you to my bones mom.”
  • “Sometimes, I wonder what the world would have been without you.
    You are just so irreplaceable.
    Love you sweetest mom.”
  • “If I could close my eyes and make a wish come true, it is to see you again mother.
    I wish you were here with me. Love you so dearly.”
  • “Death sometimes can be wicked.
    It snatches the best thing you ever cherished and leave you wrecked.
    I wish I could see you again mother. I love you.”
  • “We’ve been through a lot together; through the rough and dark edges of life’s adventure.
    We’ve toiled and laboured. In all, you gave me strength and hope. I cannot forget you so easily mom. Love you so much.”
  • “May the Lord continue to lighten your path mother; increase you in knowledge and favour so I can enjoy you more. Love you, sweet mom.”
  • “Your tender and soft heart; your touching and strong personality have taught me great lessons.
    Love you like no other mom.”
  • “You are an irreplaceable vessel mother;
    A precious ointment to my many sores
    I love you mother.”
  • “Where I am today and what I’ve become is a product of your hard work and love on me;
    You taught me everything that I ever know. Love you mom.”
  • “I know I’ve been a bad daughter from the very point of understanding;
    But your unending and unbound love towards me cannot be less appreciated.
    No matter what, I still love you more than anyone else mom.”
  • “A child will always rebel;
    He is disappointed because he is denied freedom to act as he chooses.
    But every act of chastity I received from you sweet mom paid off.
    I love you now more than ever
  • “Mom, trust me! I look forward to our mother-daughter date
    I want to treat you like one mom coz you deserve it.
    Until then, many hugs.”
  • “Life gives us many gifts.
    Sometimes we know, sometimes we don’t.
    Mom, you’re one of the best gifts ever given to me.
    Love you always with my heart.”
  • “When I look back to all the love and affection you showed me,
    I just want to suddenly become a mother.
    You are so sweet, mom. Love you like my books.”
  • “You gave me strength when I was weak;
    You comforted me in my trying moments;
    Your words of wisdom set me right.
    What would I have really done without you? Love you sweetly.”
  • “They say what an adult sees while sitting, a child standing cant see. So far, mom, you’ve been my eyes and ears, making sure that I took the right step. Thanks for being there mom. Love you always.”
  • “Your smiles occupy my thoughts in my quiet moments. Your tender and soft face preoccupy my head. I just can’t get you out mom. You are my life.”
  • “All the sacrifices you made to get me there would never be forgotten. You are my all mother. I love you dearly.”
  • “Sometimes, mothers shout and nag, not because they hate you, but because they want you to become better. Behind those bellows is love undiluted. Love you just the way you are mom.”
  • “Sacrifice is everything in life. That’s what mothers give at every point in time. I love you sweet mom for all your love and sacrifices made for me where I am today.”
  • “Thank you for your love, thank you for the hugs, thank you for the goodnight kisses and fairy tales I heard from you. Thank you yet for showing me the way. I love you with my breath mom.”
  • “I got all that I ever needed in life from you. You are my second god mom. I love you for where I am today. Thank you, mother.”
  • “If I should describe you in one word mother, ANGEL is what perfectly fits in. you gave me guidance, protected me from the world’s scorn and pushed me beyond my limits. You’ll forever be my best friend. Love you, mother.”
  • “You give all and complain little;
    You see all and say little rather, you’ve shown the way;
    You sacrifice all and expect little. I love you dearly mother.”
  • “A mother is a definition of everything beautiful and perfect. I am bold, beautiful and perfect because I am of your royalty. I’m blessed to have you mother. Love you like no other.”
  • “Life becomes more beautiful by the day because of you. Love like no other mother. Sweet dreams.”
  • “Sometimes I begin to wonder how meaningless life would have been if I hadn’t fed from your loins.
    Your body nourished me when I was but a tiny baby in your hands; your words formed me into a proud independent adult. You are a priceless mother. Love you till the end of this world.”
  • “A mother cannot be defined with mare words. She’s cosmic. Her understanding and love still remain a mystery. I love you sweetest mother.”
  • “Sometimes I still wish you were here with me mother. I really miss you so much. Keep watching over me from the sky. I know you’re happy over there. Love you even in death.”
  • “You can be what you want to be Annie. Never limit yourself these are your words that still keep me going till present. I heart you, dear mother.”
  • “You are an amazing woman mother. You are strong, loving happy, selfless and graceful. I love you more than anything else in this world.”
  • “The best thing I’ve ever found in this wicked and calloused world is you, mother. You showed me everything I needed to see and gave me the right button. Love you to the moon and back.”
  • “Life can be so burdensome and unbearable most time. But your loving and tender words were my piece of encouragement and growth. They inspired me every minute of the day thanks to you, mother. You remain the best.”
  • “I fought with you; I beat back at every opportunity; said nasty things about you and even ran out of the house because I felt you were my worst nightmares. Today, I cherish you like nothing else matters to me and wish you were here for me now. Love you mother with all my heart.”
  • “You are a definition of true patience. In all the years of my rejection of you. You waited patiently until I came running back into your arms. I love you mother; my hero.”
  • “There’s no bond so strong as the one we both share. I am you today because you chose to make me you. Love you, mother.”
  • “Meet my mom people. Shes my world; my hero; my everything. Life is complete having her around. Hi mom! I love you.”
  • “She’s beautiful; she’s soft, she’s spotless. That’s my mother, the carrier of the universe. I love you mother more.”
  • “Your tender and soft heart; your most inspiring words and yet, your strong strong personality in times of trials have taught me a great lesson. There’s no other like you, mother.”
  • “You’re an irreplaceable vessel;
    A precious ointment to my many sores and sorrow moments.
    I love you sweetly mother.
    I love you with all my soul; I love you with all my mind; I love with all that is in me priceless mother. Who on earth can take your place in my life?
  • “You made me conquer my fears and pushed me beyond my limits in life. I love you mother.”
  • “You are a smart woman; tender and hardworking. I took after you mom because people talk about me now a lot. Thank you sweetest mom. I love you.”
  • “I woke up this morning thinking about you mother. I hope you’re fine. Love you.”
  • “You would live mother to carry my children. So that you could train them the way you did train me. You’re my world.”
  • “When I asked God to give me a good mother, he gave me love and peace as well. You are my peace mother; my all. Love you.”
  • “You gave me affection, you gave me hope, you gave life a meaning. Your words comforted me in many ways. I will always love you forever mother. Cheers!
  • “If I should have only one request in life, it would be to live with you forever because your beauty in and out knows no bound.”
  • “Justice is fairness, fairness is uprightness. You are a true definition of decency and humanity. I love you forever mother.”
  • “When I heard that you were sick, I couldn’t eat, neither could I sleep. You are my life mother. I love you so much.”
  • “You gave me protection, you gave me support, you stood by me in my failures; when life turned its back on me. I love you mother.”
  • “When at some point life had to make me choose, I chose you and let every other thing slide mother because I believed in your capacities. I had no choice but you mom. You’ve always shown me the way.”
  • “You taught me hard work and discipline. You taught me wisdom and counsel. You taught me vision and focus. You made me find my bearings on this earth. Thank you, mother, for everything.”
  • “Your lovingness echoes wherever I go; your humility is perceived by everyone around me. And that was you in me. Love you cheers.”
  • “Thank you for holding my hands and leading the way. Thank you for praying for me always that I make. Thank you for being there. I love you mother.”
  • “Mothers are gracious. They are priceless. They are jewels placed in the secret places of this earth. Whoever finds them are bound to know no limitations again.”
  • “Sometimes, the most valuable treasures lie in our bosoms and were so unaware. That is what your mother is. Discover the mystery and understand the principles. Then you will go far in life.”
  • “I may not, in the end, be an exact replica of you. The feeling however that I can fit in your shoes is comforting. I love you mother.”
  • “I cannot forget so easily those wonderful dishes you brought to the table; and how we both consumed in laughing and pleasant merriment. I cherish those bonding moments with you, mother. Love you like no other.”
  • “Do you remember how I hated school so much and you made eventually love it. That’s who you are a mother. A life transformer.”
  • “You are too lovely to go true some emotional traumas in your life and at this stage mother. Yet, I know you to be very strong. Love you, mother.”
  • “Love is a mystery. A mothers love is yet the more mystery I seem not to be able to unravel. Mother, you love me so much despite my shortcomings. Blood is sure thicker than water. I love you more.”
  • “When I finally become a mother too mother, I’m sure going to be you ten times. Your shortcomings and success taught me everything I needed to become better.”
  • “So far, mother, you are the true definition of motherhood. Your patience, love, humility and understanding is outta this world. I’m so happy to have one like you.”
  • “When I was hungry, you gave me food. In fact, you fed me till my tummy bloated in satisfaction. When I needed anything else of severe importance, you always went out of your way to get it. I love you forever mother.”
  • “Sometimes you were always too hard on me mother that for a moment, I thought you despised me. Now I know, that was your way of investing in my future. I love you mother.”
  • “Mom, how old are you? I am six years old Annie and I would go about joyfully telling my friends my mom was the same age as I was then. Mother, you are so sweet. Love you like no other.”
  • “You rebuked me in the secret, admired and adored me in the open. I love you mother.”
  • “The foundations of my life were laid by you;
    The bricks that moulded my form were from you.
    You occupy more than half of my life mother. I love you.”
  • “If anyone would dare as much as to do harm you to you mother, the person would have to go through me. I will protect you with my life mother because you mean the world to me.”
  • “For all the times I never said I love you, mother, because I felt you should know, I’m sorry. Love you like no other.”
  • “I have everything I ever need in this life because you are here mother. I’m so glad I have you as a mom. God has indeed blessed me.”
  • “Those selfless services you did render at home made me
    Relevant to my world today. You sacrificed all for my you sacrificed all for my happiness. I remain ever grateful. Love you.”
  • “You were there for me all my moments. Now it is time that I played my own part. I will defend you with all that I have mother. Love you like the moon.”
  • “Mom, you took me into your arms, held me and gave all the affections. I love you mother like myself.”
  • “You were part of struggle moments, you will also be part of my success story as well mother. I love you.”
  • “A mother is like a master key; she holds the key to every door. Her words are filled with wisdom and life. there’s no other like mom.”
  • “Mom, you taught me home and history. You taught me communion. You taught me oneness. I love you Sweet mother.”
  • “I miss all the times I was little and how I would hide in you and find comfort in burying my face in your body. These days, I look for where to hide.”
  • “When I grew up mother, I want to be like you; to live, cherish, keep, and discipline my own just the way have done to me. Love you, mother.”
  • “Boyfriends and man friends come and go. But you’ve been one constant personality with me. I love you mother.”
  • “I will never understand the number of sacrifices you’ve made for me until I become a mother I know. Still, I appreciate them and love you more than anything else.”
  • “My inspiration, my muse, my stimulation, my vision. That’s all you are to me mother. I love you mother.”
  • “The pains you had to go through from the day I was conceived in your womb, to the day you brought me to this world, nurtured and fed me. I can never help but imagine. Love you, mother. Cheers!
  • “I am your blood mother, and so even if I fight you and seem not to agree with everything you say, you still remain my blood and I will always love you forever.”
  • “Even if life promises nothing, even when the future seems to deem, I still believe and trust your abilities to transform things mother. Sometimes, I feel you’re a magician mother. Love you more.”
  • “In the little we have and share together mother, I will always be satisfied to live in this world because you’re here. I love you mother, don’t leave me yet.”
  • “Mom, you are my wonder woman; my superwoman. I am happy so long as you are. Love you like no other.”
  • “And all that I am, all that I ever aspire to be, all that I do and decisions I make. I owe it to you, mother. You remain my best friend and mother.”
  • “I just want to say I love you mother and thank you so much for everything. Oh, mother! You do have a meek soul.”
  • “The most understanding definition of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is you, mother. You are the best. Love you so much.”
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