Best Good Morning Prayer Messages for a Friend

The dawning of every morning is definitely a gift to every soul that is made alive to witness such.

It’s mandatory for us to say a word of prayer to God in thanksgiving and placing of our heart desires and petitions to God.

Also, sending the best good morning prayers to our friends is as the dew of the morning upon the leaves and herbs of the field.

Therefore, in this year 2019, it will be so beautiful and lovely to wake up that friend of yours with one of these best good morning prayers.

Isn’t that cool and very inspiring?

Yes or Yes?

Then tighten your seatbelt and let’s go on the ride!

Good Morning Wishes, Messages and Prayers for Friends

Sweet Good Morning Wishes, Messages and Prayers for My Dearest Friend.

  • Hey friend, still yawning? Wow! How was the night? I hope you slept well? I pray that as you wake this morning, may you be encountered with unexpected blessings and bombarded with favours from all sides. Laughter shall fill your mouth all through. Good morning dearest friend.
  • As you awake from your bed this morning, may your going out be accompanied with favour and found by kindness from everyone you come in contact with and your coming in be in peace and happiness of the heart. Good
    morning, friend.
  • May you flourish in all you lay your hands to do today. All things shall speak of good things to you. Enjoy your day dear. Good morning to you, friend.
  • Good morning to you, cute friend. I believe you had a great night rest. As you set out to do your day’s activities today, may things work out for your good and every situation you find yourself today, just believe in God for He will make a way where there seems to be no way. Have a lovely day ahead.
  • May the goodness and mercy of God follow you throughout your journey today and bring you closer into the fulfillment of God’s plan for your life. Good morning friend.
  • As the morning brightens up, wake up darling! The day is set to bring you good and lovely packages of positive surprises. May you be blessed on all sides and return with loads of testimony. Have a great day ahead.
  • I believe your night was beautiful. May the brightness of this morning dawn on you to make your day blessed. The evil of the day shall not find you either any of your loved ones. Good morning.
  • It’s morning again. We thank God for His faithfulness forever. As you step your feet out today, each passing moments of the day shall speak of awesome things for you. You are such a wonderful and lovely friend. Wake up, dearie. Good morning.
  • It’s a new day. And it’s a new time for new opportunities. I pray for you friend, that you shall be given the grace to explore every of the opportunities of today to the fullest. Remain blessed!
  • Go forth and explore the day, friend. Awesome experiences awaits you. Good morning. Enjoy your day!
  • Hello friend, we thank God for the gift of life once again this morning. Your being alive today is by God’s grace and for a reason. I pray that that reason will be achieved and you shall be joyous. Am so happy having you as a friend. Good morning.
  • May every thing you lay your hands to do today spring up into life and be successful. Your day is
    blessed. Good morning.
  • Good morning to you, friend. I believe you had a wonderful night rest. It is my prayer for you this morning that you shall not come in contact with evil, calamities shall not come near your dwelling place but happiness, joyfulness and prosperity shall be your portion even from this morning on. Have a lovely day!
  • May the Almighty God guide you through in all your sojourning today. You shall never be a victim of evil circumstances. Blessings shall be your portion. Have a great
    day, friend. Good morning!
  • Miracles undeniable and favours unstoppable shall come your way. The mercy of God shall not leave you. Stay positive, friend. Good morning.
  • As you set out for the day’s job, may you be strengthened to do all accordingly. Your life shall find sweetness and meaning the more in Christ. Have a wonderful day. Good morning to you.
  • Hello friend, remember God loves us all and we are His children. I want you to go with this reassurance for the Lord shall make the day blessed for you and
    you shall rejoice greatly.
  • Arise, dearie, it’s morning already and the day is set. I pray that God shall provide all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Unlimited joy shall be yours.
  • Wake up darling friend, the day calls out to be explored. May God shod you with grace and bestow on you strength to explore all of the awesome packages of today. Go dear, the Lord is with you.
  • May the grace of God be abundant upon you to bring you into a deeper understanding of the knowledge of His will. May you grow in His wisdom. Good morning.
  • Know this dear friend, that the Lord is all ears to hear our cry when we call on Him. Just ensure to do all according to His will and He shall make you fruitful in every good work. May your day be blessed in all things according to His purpose for your life. Good morning, lovely friend.
  • May you have a blessed, happiness filled and joyous day today. Your blessings shall never elude you. Remain blessed. Good morning.
  • May the light of God shine on you brighter and bring you to the place where He is. May your understanding of His knowledge be quickened more and more until He shall show His face to you. This is my prayer for you, friend. Good morning to you.
  • May you never find solace in what will spell doom for you but the Spirit of God shall guide you into all truth and bring you the blessings of God. Your going out and your coming in shall be blessed. Have a wonderful day ahead. Good morning.
  • I pray for you dearie, that as you wake up today, nothing shall stand in the way of your success and every barricade to your destiny shall be destroyed. Continue in the light of God, friend. Good morning to you.
  • All glory to God for His everlasting mercies which reigns upon us even to witness another beautiful day like this. I pray that His mercy shall once again bring us closer to Him and to the achievement of our purpose in life. Your day is blessed already, friend. Good morning to you.
  • May the Lord provide all your needs and guide you in all His ways. Both you and your family shall remain under His protection. Peace shall be your abode. Good morning, sweetest friend.
  • May today open to you doors of wealth and prosperity. May you be in good health and be guarded in the mercy of God.
  • As you wake up, dearie, I pray for you that all your lost possessions of the previous days shall be restored unto you back. And you shall remain in abundance. Good morning friend. Have a blessed day ahead.
  • O Lord of mercy, I commit my friend unto you that as he wakes up this morning, he shall be granted access to your mercies for the fulfillment of Your will in his life. I love you so much, friend. Good morning.
  • May the endless mercies of God and the surest grace of God find expression in you and in all you lay your hand to do today. Success is guaranteed! Good morning to you, friend.
  • May you find favour and kindness in the sight of God and man. Everything shall work out for your good today and henceforth. Good morning darling.
  • Everything you have been aspiring for according to the will of God, I pray for you that today shall be the day of the achievement of those things. The mercy of God shall speak for you evidently.
  • Hello friend, how was the night? I pray that God’s guidance shall be upon in all decisions you shall make today. The grace of shall be made sufficient for you. Good morning to you.
  • May the Spirit of God guide through every path you tread on today. His protection shall be sure over you.
  • As you set out today, I pray that wherever you step your feet into, you shall be favoured and honoured. Amen. Good morning friend.
  • Try not to entertain fear or any contrary thing for the Lord is set to favour you today. Indeed you shall be blessed. Good morning.
  • Abundantly and bountifully shall you be blessed and favoured. Today shall never be a regretful day for. Have a great day.
  • Put all your trust in the Lord and trust not your own understanding. In all you’ll do today make God the center of it all. Good morning!
  • As the day dawns and the sun lightens, may you receive the strength to shine and shine brighter in the light of God. Your light shall never be dimmed or darkened. God bless you, friend. Good morning.
  • The eyes of the Lord shall watch over you and every step you take today and beyond shall be in peace and joy. Have a blissful day!
  • Nothing shall stand as an obstacle against you today. The angel of the Lord shall guide you in all of God’s way. Have a blessed day, friend. Good morning.
  • May the light of God guide your feet and His word be a lamp unto your path. May you never take wrong steps and regretful decisions. Focus on God! Good morning.
  • As the morning dawns and the day begins, may you receive all the blessings God has packaged for this day. None of it shall elude you. Good morning friend. Have a great day ahead.
  • May you be under the leading of the Spirit of God. May your path be directed in His word. Trust in Him and obey all His commandments. Your life shall be a blessing. Good morning!
  • It’s my prayer for you this morning that you shall never work in confusion and your path today shall be made clear and successful. Have a blissful day.
  • Do not embrace fear or dismay for the Lord has given unto us the Spirit of love and sound mind. Go with His word today and henceforth for they are the chord of our lives. Blessed shall you be.
  • The grace of God shall be made sufficient for you in all you do and His strength shall be made manifest in you and His mercy shall be expressed in your endeavours. Good morning friend.
  • May the Lord bless you and cause His face to shine on you. May He lift His countenance upon you and give you peace from all sides. The day shall be peaceful and blessed for you.
  • May the peace of God be manifest in all you do today. Every form of turbulence shall be cancelled in your life. Have a wonderful and peaceful day.
  • No matter the hindrances or obstacles today, may your path shall be made smooth and successful. Good morning to you.
  • May you be blessed until you become a blessing to many others. May God raise you into His image. Good morning to you friend.
  • May the Lord make this day smile on you and make you laugh all through your experiences today. Good morning.
  • As you wake up this morning, may every aspect of your dreams and aspirations be fulfilled today. Good morning, dearie. Lots of love!
  • I pray for you today that beautiful and lovely things shall locate you today and fill every moment of your life with blissfulness and sweetness. Good morning. Have a great day.
  • May you be in good health and wealth always. You shall be a blessing to many. I love you so much. Good morning.
  • May the goodness of God find expression in you. May your life be a channel of God’s grace. Lean on God alone, dear friend. Good morning.
  • Wake up rejuvenated this morning and go out there and explore the day. Good morning!!
  • May you receive strength to tackle the troubles and fatigues of today. May you return home joyful and filled with happiness. Good morning friend.
  • Ensure to be positive today. May you be endowed with the grace to unknot the gracious opportunities today and make wise use of them all. Good morning dear friend.
  • Wake up and rise to the challenge of the day dear. May strength be given to you to outweigh all the challenges that come your way. Good morning to you.
  • May you be highly favoured and shown mercy in all you do according to His will for your life. Happy waking up, dearie.
  • As you wake up this morning, remember you are favoured and blessed by God. Go with this assurance, dear friend. Good morning to you.
  • The birds chirp and the cocks crows, it’s morning already. All thanks to God for life. Be of a thankful heart, friend. May God’s plan for you today be fulfilled until you are brought into His eternal plan for you as being part of His children.
  • May you go out with the mercy of God as a cord around your neck to guide you in all things and you shall return with joy and gladness. Good morning. Have a nice day.
  • As the morning dawns today, it dawns on us to give thanks to the Almighty God of all lives. I pray that as you wake up this morning, may you be awakened to the abundance blessed opportunities and you will be given more grace to tap rightly into them. Good morning.
  • This morning, may God awakens us to in His boundless love bring us closer to achieving His purpose for us on earth. Amen. Good morning to you friend.
  • By the grace of God, we are made alive to witness another day today. May this great grace of God also bring you to the place of the achieving of His plans for your life. Be grateful and positive. Good morning.
  • May your pathway all through today be so shiny and glorious even as this morning shines brighter. Enjoy your day, friend. Good morning.
  • Hallelujah to the Lord for life this day and the hope of more. May the Lord cause the earth to bring forth her fruits for you as you step out today. Have a great day, good morning lovely friend.
  • May this day speak joyful and positive things in your life. Good morning.
  • May the Lord bless the works of your hands as you set out to do your daily work today. Good morning. Have a great day.
  • The Lord God is the author of all things. May He give His charge to the earth to bring forth her blessings for you today. Good
  • It is my prayer for you today that all things shall work out for your good. Blessings shall find and locate you. Indeed you shall have a blessed day.
  • May your life be an expression of the goodness and mercy of God. May He show you His mercy in downloading His life into you. Have the faith, dear. God is interested. Good morning.
  • May you be blessed with strength to overcome all the obstacles of the day. The Lord God be with you, dearie. Good morning.
  • May today be a victory assured day for you. Good morning.
  • Every morning is set for the renewing of strength and the pursuit of new and existing goals. May God give renew your strength and bestow more grace and mercy for all your pursuit according to His purpose.
  • He has by His grace awoken you up this morning. How was your night? May this day bring you unexpected divine miracles and blessings that would leave you amazed. Remember to always be thankful. Good morning, friend.
  • May the brightness of this morning shine on you divine wisdom to accomplish that which God has set in place for you. Have a great day, dearest friend. Good morning
  • May you be refreshed and strengthened to overcome all your fears and troubles. Go forth dear for God is with you. Good morning.
  • All glory to God Almighty for a fresh new day witnessed. May you be blessed afresh today. Good morning.
  • May the blessing that has been apportioned for you today not elude you. Have a nice day, darling. Good morning.
  • May the Lord be your guide and comforter. Do not be troubled, trust in God. Good morning. Enjoy your day, darling.
  • May the light of God shine upon your path today, may you not be ensnared into the hands of the enemy. Be obedient dearie. Good morning.
  • As you wake up this morning and take a step out today, may you not fall a victim of unfavourable circumstances, may the Lord deliver you from every enemy of your life. Amen. Good morning. Remain blessed.
  • As the dew distills in the morning, may this morning dew of blessing distill upon you. May all your lay your hands on be prosperous.
  • May all your endeavors and pursuits yield a bountiful profit for you from this day and beyond. God bless you. Good morning to you.
  • I place you before God this day that as you step out, may your life be encircled by the mercy of God. You shall be blessed bountifully.
  • May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you. May you never walk in darkness and every darkness looming around and within you shall be enlightened by the light of God. Do have a blessed day. Good morning.
  • Praise be to the Lord God Almighty. May you be under the guidance of God every second of your life today and beyond. Have a blessed day, friend. Good morning.
  • It is my prayer that God overthrow every negative protocol to bless you. May your life be prosperous and joyful. Today shall be great. Good morning.
  • The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace. Put all your trust in Him alone. Do have a great day. May you return home peacefully.
  • May you be favoured and shown mercy abundantly in all your endeavours today. May the mercy of God bring you into the reality of His purpose for your life. Good morning.
  • All these shall be your companion from this morning and henceforth; favour, peace, joy, happiness, good health, wealth and love. Good morning, lovely friend. Have a wonderful day.
  • May this morning be blessed, the noon be more blessed, even the whole day shall be blessed for you. Good morning to you.
  • May you be filled with joy from within and strength all through the day and beyond. Good morning and have a lovely day.
  • May the joy of the Lord be your strength. May you receive the grace of God to perform exploits according to His will for your life today and forever. Good morning.
  • The Lord that keeps Israel do not sleep nor slumber. I trust God for your life that you shall be safeguarded everywhere you step your feet into today. Happy waking up, darling. Good morning to you.
  • As you step out today, the Lord shall be your Shepherd. May you not lack any good thing. Have a great day!.
  • By God’s grace, the blessing that will make you a point of positive argument among your enemies shall be wrought in you. You shall be made a blessing indeed. Good morning to you.
  • May your life grow above the understanding of men for God shall perform His goodness in you and you shall live the life He has designed for you. Good morning.
  • May your life today and beyond be enriched with the riches of God. May you never lack any good thing. Good morning to you dear friend. Have a great day ahead.
  • Goodness, favour, and mercy shall be as a band around your waist even to follow you everywhere you go from this day and henceforth. Have a great day ahead. Good morning to you.
  • Good morning to you. May you have a beautiful, blissful and blessed day today.
  • May you be filled with strength to overcome every obstacle that comes your way today. The Lord shall grace you with inward strength according to His riches in glory. Good morning.
  • May you arise victoriously amidst the troubles and problems today. Remember God loves you. Good morning.
  • In God’s love we are made to witness the dawning of today again. Praise be to His loving name. May your day be blessed and blissful. Good morning.
  • May everything you come in contact with today be for your favour. May your life be highly favoured by God. Good morning friend. Do have a blissful day, hope to see you later.
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