Best Early Morning Love Messages

You should never underestimate the positive impact your early morning wish can have on your significant other. It definitely will go a long way in helping them begin the day on a positive note.

When you know this, then it will become imperative on you to go out of your way to make sure that you give them a great start to a lovely day.

There’s no feeling of excitement that can be compared to waking up every morning to a beautiful text message which can make one’s day lovely and filled with sparks.

When you wake to a lovely message from your partner, it brings you the awareness and ecstasy of the fact that you are the first thought that comes to mind when they wake up in the morning.

This is exactly what your significant other feels when you send them any of these Best Early Morning Love Messages.

Spark up that warmth, make them feel good and bring a lovely smile to their face to have a good start for the day.
You can even choose to personalize them to pass your message on more comfortably.

Good Morning Messages for Your Lover to Wake Up To

Let your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife wake up to these early morning love messages that will make them have the best of the day. They’re the best of good morning love messages for him or her to wake up to today.

  • I love to be the one you first talk to every morning, I love you so much that I’m not sure I slept all through the night. Good morning to my world best human.
  • More than anything in this world, I’m certain that I love loving you from the dawn to the dusk of each day.
  • Rise and shine baby, it’s morning already. Go out there and win all, I love you so much.
  • My sleep was short. I was looking forward to the sunrise so I can wish you good morning and have a nice day ahead.
  • As you have come into my life and brightened my day I wish you sunshine and warmth all day too. Good morning my love.
  • Don’t forget to wear that gorgeous smile as you step into the world today. Good morning darling.
  • I love that you’re the last on my thoughts at night and the first by day. Good morning baby.
  • Sleeping and waking with thoughts of you is enough boost I need for my day to be beautiful. How was your night my love?
  • My heart, mind, body and soul is sold out to you and just you alone. Good morning my one and only, have a wonderful day ahead.
  • I wish this day will usher in great and awesome surprises so that you get to smile as much as you want today. Have an amazing day ahead, my love.
  • I woke up thinking of you and just you, it’s going to be an awesome day, I trust. Good morning my darling.
  • Thoughts of you woke me today and I couldn’t help smiling hard. Good morning darling, dreamt of me?
  • The feeling of warmth and love that always comes with the thoughts of you are the best feelings I’ll ever have. Rise and shine my love, have a great day ahead.
  • My morning sun, my early morning coffee, good morning, how was your night?
  • Good morning to you my special one and amazing better half. I wish you a beautiful and fulfilling day ahead.
  • Just as you’re special, I wish you a special morning so that you can have a special day ahead. Take care today my love.
  • Do you know the thoughts that wake me every morning? It’s the thought that I am so lucky to have you in my life. Have a fulfilling day ahead, my heartbeat.
  • I found you, I found love. Good morning my Rose. Have a lovely day ahead and don’t forget to smile.
  • You know I won’t let you step out of bed each morning without telling you how much you mean to me. Good morning my princess, have a great day today.
  • Your smile is what I always look forward to each morning. It reassures me profoundly. I’m so lucky to have found love with you.
  • My reality, my perfection, the substance of my dream that’s what you are to me night and day. I long to see your face again, good morning baby.
  • My sleeping and waking thought, my love, light and life. How was your night? Have a good day ahead.
  • Beautiful is what you are to me, I love you times and endlessly. Good morning to you.
  • This is just to remind you that you’re my first thought for this morning, again. Have a very wonderful day my love.
  • May this day shine bright and beautiful for you, you deserve all the goodies in it. Have a lovely day babe.
  • You are my life’s sweetness that I can’t and I don’t want to resist. I wish you this sweetness today also.
  • It’s awesome that I get to share my morning greetings with you darling, my thoughts are going to stick with you all through the day. Good morning darling.
  • It’s a beautiful morning today but not as beautiful as you are my love. Good morning to you.
  • Today, I wish you a perfect and amazing day with all of my heart. Good morning my love.
  • Today, I woke loving you more than yesterday. Take care of yourself and be very fine always. Good morning precious.
  • My heart and life dream is to love you more with each day, and this I’ll gladly do every day of life. Good morning my sunshine.
  • This is just a reminder that I’ll love you today more than I did yesterday, so help me God. Good morning my dearest.
  • Sleeping and waking with you by my side has a euphoria that I don’t want to get over, ever. Good morning sweets.
  • Thanks for making me wake to your smile every day, I love you endlessly. Good morning darling.
  • I always wish the nights will be over quickly so I can get to see your face again in the light of the morning. You’re my lovely one, now and always baby. Have a sweet day ahead.
  • Heaven is waking beside you every morning, and I love this feeling till forever. Good morning my perfect other.
  • You make love and life better with each day, you are my haven baby. Good morning to you.
  • The sweetness of sugar and honey combined can not be compared to how sweet you are. Good morning my love, have a fulfilling day ahead.
  • Your love, your smile, your touch are all that messes with my brain. I love you, baby, of course, you know. Good morning.
  • You’re sweet and pure like the morning breeze, you’re my peace at all times. How was your night baby, tell me.
  • Here is me wishing my favourite girl a very sweet morning which is also my favourite time of the day. I love you, angel.
  • For me, you’re the only one that exists, I love you in the mornings, noons and at nights.
  • Your smile is the first thing my mind registers each morning. You’re my quintessential every day. Good morning my love.
  • You are the world to me, been at my side is always a great inspiration for my day. Good morning baby.
  • You are my sunshine, my rainbow, the one that makes my heart glow at every start of the day. Good morning love.
  • I can’t start my day without saying to you how much you mean to me. You’re my most beautiful girl, have a wonderful day baby.
  • A beautiful morning greeting to my gold, my special one. Hope you had a restful night?
  • Getting a good dose of you every morning is my elixir for a perfect day, I hope you know that? Good morning my love.
  • Thanks for giving me a beautiful love to help me through another day. Good morning baby.
  • Loving you does a good job of melting any resistance there is to starting a beautiful day. I love that you’re mine every morning, noon and night. Good morning darling.
  • No moodiness or gloominess in the weather can influence my day because your love is my haven. Good morning darling, how’s your night?
  • I love the fact that you’re my dreams at night and my reality in the mornings. Good morning baby.
  • I won’t let this morning go by without reminding you of how amazing you are and how happy I am that you’re mine. Have a beautiful day ahead baby.
  • You come fresh to me each day like the beautiful mornings and I love that. Have an awesome day ahead, my love.
  • My testimony each day is that I sleep and wake beside you every morning. You are my unique love, baby. Good morning.
  • I am thankful for the gift of new days as it gives me the opportunity to love you more. Good morning darling.
  • It is only normal that I wish my person a very warm and sweet good morning. Make sure to enjoy the day fully. I love you always.
  • I have better and brighter days because you’re in it with me. Thanks for bringing me laughter and joy every morning, good morning darling. I love you.
  • Every new day is beautiful, you made it so for me darling. Good morning to you, how was your night?
  • Good morning sunshine, make sure you enjoy today and don’t stress too much. I love you.
  • You are my best part of everything. Good morning my amazing woman. I love you.
  • Every morning comes with the feel of being alive, you made it so baby. Good morning and have a very sweet day ahead.
  • We made it to another brand new day. Good morning my love.
  • A new day and another opportunity to love you as much as you deserve. Have a very wonderful day baby, I love you.
  • It’s another day if enjoying the unique happiness which comes with the package of loving you. Good morning baby, enjoy your day.
  • Loving you is a feeling that keeps me going each day. Good morning my love.
  • As the day breaks today, I just want to say thank you for being my complete package of happiness. Have a most wonderful today darling.
  • When you look at me and give me that beautiful smile, it boosts me with the courage that I am indomitable. Good morning my sweetheart.
  • You are beautiful and amazing in and out, you know I will never stop saying that to you. I love you more than you can think of, good morning.
  • In and about my world, you’re the only constant thing, yes I love you so much. Good morning my world.
  • I wished I will always wake up to you beside me and my wish came true. Good morning to the smile that brightens my day.
  • Your beauty and character are beyond what I bargained for and I’m glad. Good morning my princess.
  • Life came and brought you along to me, isn’t that beautiful? Hope you had a great night my love?
  • Today again, I say thank you for coming to me. My complete joy is you and I’m loving it totally. Good morning, sweets.
  • I live to love you always and forever, just so you know. Good morning, my darling.
  • It’s morning again and I’m a better person right now all because of the love you have and keep investing in me. Have a beautiful day, sweetheart.
  • In the dark days and the bright mornings, you are and will always be my favourite girl. I’m never shutting you out, darling. Good morning to you.
  • My life’s most beautiful happening and my investment of love, good morning!
  • Before I get enmeshed in today’s activities, let me use this opportunity to remind you that I love you yet again this morning. Have a lovely day my darling.
  • My most beautiful angel, good morning!
  • Thoughts of you get me going on difficult days. I’m sure it will today, good morning my precious.
  • The days are bearable because I have the most amazing woman in the world right here in my heart and in my house. Good morning darling.
  • You smile at me and my day gets lighted. Baby, I live you endlessly. Good morning to you.
  • It’s another day and opportunity to tell you that: I love you with the whole of me. Good morning sweetness.
  • This is just a subtle reminder that I love you and I’ll always love you. Good morning darling.
  • My happiness is you, my love and life inclusive. Good morning my precious.
  • Every morning makes me understand more that it’s you and you alone forever. How was your night love?
  • If there’s anything I’m certain of, it’s that forever is gonna be fun with you in it. Good morning my prince.
  • Mornings were dreary, but then you came into it and made it all beautiful.
  • You alone have the touch my mornings need, to be beautiful and you’re doing a good job of it. Good morning sweet.
  • Thanks for coming and bringing along warmer and pleasant days for me. I love you
  • This morning, in the afternoon and at night time, I want to say that I love you.
  • I dreamt of you overnight, it will surely be a beautiful today. How was your night too?
  • Hey you, I love that your face is the one I wake to every morning. I love you, darling.
  • I slept like a baby, I’m sure you did too. Good morning darling.
  • It’s going to be another day of loving and loving you more. Good morning honey.
  • My day hasn’t started until I’ve wished you my crown a good morning. Make sure to have an amazing today.
  • I won’t stop telling you how awesome and amazing you are every morning. You’re my dearest love.
  • A day without the sun is like me without you. I know you understand, good morning and have a great day my love.
  • You deserve an amazing hug and kiss every morning and I promise to give you that always; but for now, let me send you a text that is filled with my love.
  • Some mornings I wish I wouldn’t have to go to work but be with you all day. Have a lovely day my love.
  • I have you with me, I can handle anything all day long. Good morning darling.
  • It’s only proper that your first wish for the day comes from me. Have a great day ahead, my love.
  • The night is fine already, rise and get started with today baby, I got you. Good morning.
  • The cock crow is a reminder that I have to wish my angel a nice good morning and a nice day ahead.
  • I see in your eyes every morning, a love that shows to me that all will be well. Have a wonderful too darling.
  • Let me live you again today as I always do every day. An amazing morning it is already baby.
  • I love that you light up my life and brighten my days. Have a cheery morning darling.
  • I just want to let you know this morning that I’m happy, being in love with you.
  • I have wonderful memories of all our mornings and I’m going to archive today too. Thanks for the smiles and fun baby, good morning.
  • Nothing will make me forget to wish my love a very good morning. So here it is baby, how was your night?
  • Forever entwined together in love and embrace will our lives and mornings be. Have a beautiful day ahead, my love.
  • Good morning to my perfect match that was made from heaven specially for me!
  • Sending you all the love that had accumulated over the night, good morning darling.
  • To the one that holds the key to my heart now and forever, good morning ma!
  • Hey babe! This is for you, my early morning kisses. Enjoy your day.
  • I look forward to each new day with enthusiasm, I love you, darling, I’m in love with you always! Good morning.
  • I’m at 200% at peace with my mornings, you made it so baby. Good morning.
  • I love you yesterday, now and forever, don’t ever forget that. Good morning my love.
  • My heart’s resting place and love eternal, good morning to you. Have a nice day ahead.
  • You can’t even imagine how happy I am that I have you, every morning when I wake up. Have an amazing day baby.
  • Good morning to the special and most important part of me. I wish a very good day ahead.
  • I love that I live every day in the awareness that were made for each other. Good morning to you sweetheart.
  • You are the love of my life, the one thing that I live for. Enjoy today and be good.
  • You smile at me and my day is lightened up so bright. You’re my life’s gift baby. Good morning to you.
  • You bring joy unspeakable to my world, you make everything go right. Every morning I appreciate you and today is not an exception.
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