Awesome 50 You Are My Gift From God Quotes

Gifts can light your day up anytime and bring joy to your life, especially when they come from people you love and cherish.

A gift from God is usually perfect and without blemish. Even the seemingly disadvantages can be turned around for good if you have the right mindset. The right mindset involves appreciation for the gift you have from God, that special person you cannot trade for anything else.

Here are 50 quotes for that person whom God blesses you with at no cost but has brought so much value to your life:

You Are My Gift From God Quotes

A gift or a present is an item given to someone without the expectation of payment or anything in return. For someone to be your gift from God, then you are most favoured by God because you can’t give anything that will merit what he has done for you. So, having that so much precious fellow from God requires you to delibrately and genuinely take good care of them as anything from God is rare to find. Do you so much care for special ones like that? Then, these you are my gift from God quotes will be of great help to show or express your deep care for them.

You are the most precious gift of my life and you are my gift from God quotes for him or her.

  • “Other kinds of gifts can be gotten from people physically, used and forgotten, but you are my gift from God because you will never leave my side.”
  • “Gold, diamond, rubies and other precious stones. These are gifts from God, just like you, but you are more precious than them.”
  • “If the world understood a bit about how valuable you are; they’ll treat you like a treasure. I do not care what they think though, because I know you are my gift from God.”
  • “I celebrate the day I met you like I celebrate my birthday or Christmas because those are the only other days I get gifts and you are my gift from God.”
  • “It’s funny and wonderful how I didn’t have to struggle or mine to get a treasure like you. That’s enough proof for me to know that you are my gift from God.”
  • “You are a precious stone that can be found above the earth. That’s enough conviction for me
  • “Gifts from God are pure, true and without any blemish. That is the exact description of what you are in my life.”
  • “Never again will I complain about anything in my life. For the fact that I have someone as precious as you as a gift from God, my life is the best!
  • “It’s great to watch and see how you look at tough situations like they have no effect on you and you help me escape from them unscathed. You are truly my gift from God.”
  • “You are a gift from God that I can’t let go of like a teenager can’t let go of his video games.”
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You Are the Greatest Gift of My Life Quotes

  • “God answers prayers. I asked him to surprise me with a gift, and not too long after, you came into my life.”
  • “You are always ready to walk with me through hard times and multiply my joy in good times. You are a gift from God that I don’t deserve.”
  • “If anybody has it tough in life, I know it’s because they do not have a gift like you from God.”
  • “If people knew what you add to my life constantly, Father Christmas would have a busy year looking for many of you to put under the Christmas tree of everyone, because you’re a gift.”
  • “Worldly gifts come in packages and wrappers but you, a gift from God came to me unwrapped and real.”
  • “People search, mine and scout the entire earth for your kind, but you came to me freely. You are my gift from God.”
  • “I will never, ever take you for granted because I know people spend their entire lives looking for people like you and you came to me as a gift.”
  • “It’s funny how a free gift came into my life and has done for me what all my worldly possessions couldn’t do.”
  • “A simple gift from God is more valuable than all that money can buy or be exchanged for. How do I know that? Because you, a gift from God, are more valuable to me than all my money can buy.”
  • “I toured the earth with money, looking for something valuable to buy to make my life better, not knowing that the best thing was going to come to me in the form of a gift from God.”
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You Are the Most Precious Gift from God

  • “Worldly gifts have value which can be calculated but you, my gift from God, have a value which is inestimable and cannot be understood by normal human calculations.”
  • “You are a gift from God that helps unlock all the other gifts stored within me.”
  • “People think having money or worldly possessions will make the world easier for them when, in fact, all we need is a gift from God like you.”
  • “A gift from God and heaven will always outweigh a worldly gift on the scale of value. That’s why I can’t trade you for anything.”
  • “Having you in my life is enough for me to stand amongst kings, not because of the status of my life, but because of the presence of a heavenly gift from God in it.”
  • “I am not successful because I have money, cars or other things money can buy. I am successful simply because of the gifts God has given me, you included.”
  • “Your presence in my life eradicates stress, anger, depression and everything negative. You are my gift from God.”
  • “You are my gift from God, yet you came into my life bearing gifts.”
  • “When people ask how I have become better over the years, I can boldly say nothing material that I had could do it, but a single gift from God did it.”
  • “Any unsuccessful person on earth now is bound to remain that way if he doesn’t get a gift from God like you in his life.”

You Are a Gift from God Quotes

  • “The gifts of God come freely, are extremely valuable and they cause no sorrow. You are the express definition of that.”
  • “You have been my backbone, strength and food in times of weakness
  • “Your arrival into my life was timely. I truly do not know what could have happened if you spent one more minute outside my life.”
  • “You give me reasons to thank God every day because you have blessed my life in more ways than I thought possible even though you came into my life for free.”
  • “I got the best bargain in the history of bargains. I got a treasure more valuable than any other in the world, and at what cost? Nothing!
  • “Even the Chinese bamboo has nothing on me because I stand tall when I think of all the good gifts from God in my life, especially you.”
  • “How could I ever repay you for all the valuable things you have done for me? There is no way I could ever pay God for blessing me with your presence. That’s why you are a gift to me.”
  • “God knows we cannot afford what he has to give us, that’s why he gives them to us as gifts with no charge at all. You are a complete example of that in my life.”
  • “How do I know you are a gift from God? Because all gifts of God are perfect and full of joy, and that’s exactly what you are.”
  • “Gifts are given by friends and family who love us enough to allow us to enjoy them. I am sure God loves me because he gave you as a gift to me.”
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Thankful to God for Having You in My Life

  • “Anyone who tries to compare you to anything in this world would have me to contend with. There is no way you, my gift from God can be compared to physical things created by humans.”
  • “The sun, the moon, the mountain, the oceans and the rain. These are gifts from God to earth to give us guidance and help us live comfortably. Using that logic, you are a gift from God to me.”
  • “I honestly cannot pay you for all the things you have done for me and the people around me. I guess that’s why you are a gift from God to me.”
  • “The Lord has blessed me with innumerable gifts without asking for them and you are on top of that list. This is enough to know that He cares about me.”
  • “If I was to number all the good things you have done in my life, I would spend my entire life doing that. You are indeed a gift from God to me.”
  • “Life would have been totally void and uninteresting if you hadn’t come into it. You are indeed the light God has blessed my life with.”
  • “Since I met you, I understood the meaning of the saying “The best things in life are free”. You are a free gift from God, yet more valuable than anything money can buy.”
  • “There are no disadvantages of having you in my life. Even your unpalatable side makes me grow and become better. You are indeed a gift from God.”
  • “I thank God I never had to pay anything to get the most important thing in my life right now. You are my gift from God.”
  • “If I could turn back the hands of time, I’d make you come into my life much earlier. You are my gift from God and I cherish you.”