6 Phrases Which Can’t Be Spoken to the Woman

Family psychologists make all sorts of recommendations in regards to what phrases shouldn’t be used by the man in communication with their woman. You shouldn’t use these phrases in a conversation simply because otherwise you will face not the most pleasant consequences. So, here are 6 phrases which need to remembered and never be used with the beloved:

  • « Are You Really Going to Eat All These? »

Your girlfriend by definition is easy as a fuzz and graceful as the ballerina. Therefore, the slightest hint that it is not so will surely cause the sea of indignation. In communication with women it is better not to touch upon a food subject, they already reproach themselves every time with weakness to sweet. And a similar talk is capable to impair their self-assessment. As your second half, your goal is to do the opposite, which is to improve her self-assessment. So, yes, your girlfriend really intends to eat all this, therefore keep silent and not port her appetite.

  • « But My Ex…»

Mentioning your former girlfriend will be regarded by your real girl as comparison, so avoid ever bringing it up and leave past in the past. Often people use similar phrases for comparison not of the best qualities and traits of character. Of course, to compare partners is a natural process but we advise not to do it aloud, all people are different and formats of the relations will always be different.

  • « You Are the Same as Your Mother »

Under no circumstances don’t mention her mother and other relatives, especially in a bad light.  Otherwise, you risk to look as hating her family members, which can massively affect your relationship, as she will hardly forgive you. Often girls have very strong link with family, in particular with mother. Moreover, it having good relationships with her family means she is a keeper, and will apply the same principles to yourself.

  • « What is Wrong with Your Hair? »
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The hair of your girlfriend always look remarkably! And also the hairstyle, make-up and a dress are picked up ideally. Just remember it once and for all: it is only worth giving to the girl advice and comments concerning her appearance when she has asked you and it is necessary to do it every delicately. Otherwise, you are in a great chance of starting a big conflict.

  • « Relax! »

The similar appeal instantly reduces chances that she will take that advice and actually relax. Instead, she might do the opposite of relaxing. If the girl is excited with something, only solution of this problem will allow her to relax. Therefore, instead of phrases «relax», «calm down» or «cool down» try to help her to deal with the reasons of her disorders.

  • « Are You Having PMS? »

Let’s say it is so. You shouldn’t speak about it and focus attention on it. For many girls the phase of their menstrual cycle has no influence on their emotional condition. Therefore, her issues and whims, most likely, are connected with something different and asking the question above will only add to those issues and make her angrier.

Any relationship is a difficult and very individual thing. It is never a game towards one goals. This is a mutual partnership, where both man and women should equally contribute in the happiness of each other, in one way, or another. If you love and you see that you are loved, understood, conceded in something, then after all it is worth trying to keep and strengthen such relations.

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