100 You Are My World Quotes for Him or Her

When you find love, your being is complete, your world becomes perfect and your heart is filled with overflowing sweet and romantic thoughts towards that special one who makes your existence real and lively.

When you say someone is “your world”, to some people it sounds strange but to those who truly experience true love knows it is authentic.

Yet, there is no need to imagine and hope for that special ceremony before you pour out your heartfelt words to the one you desire.

Send it every hour, every day, every time and always. Show them and tell them they are your world and they mean the world to you. Don’t find it difficult.

So, here are lovely “You Are My World Quotes” for Him or Her.

You Are My World Quotes for Him – Boyfriend

The best of sweet romantic you are my world quotes for him – your cute boyfriend.

  • Each moment that passes by, I realize how special you are to me. I’ll always love you. You are my world!
  • Nothing can be as meaningful as you in my life. You brighten my world.
  • I ask for something more every day. It’s nothing but you alone. I need more of you, my love. You are my world!
  • Everyone tells me I have a good person but deep down I know I have the best person the world could desire. You are my world baby!
  • Every step I take with you leads me perfectly. I have never thought my life would be so great. You are my world darling!
  • You bombarded my life with flourishing Joy, overflowing happiness and springs of love. You mean the world to me, sweetheart.
  • Every task I embark on is made easy. knowing you are beside me keeps my soul singing. My world is you.
  • When others say their world has crashed, I say my world is alive. It is you and you are my World.
  • When I’m worried, disturbed, discouraged and downcast, I see your smiles and I’m strong again. You are my world dear.
  • If I find all the world to dwell, it’s your world I’ll choose forever. You are my world babe!
  • I’ve always dreamt of having a beautiful world of my own where love radiates and rules. You made it a reality, dear. You rock my world darling.
  • My love, you are so precious to me. You worth more than gold and I cherish you. I’m happy you’re my world.
  • If there’s anything that makes me happy every time, is knowing that I have you in my heart and in my world. I love you. You are my world.
  • When you stepped into my world once, you brought along bundles of wealth and all the goodness life has in stock. You are my world.
  • You brighten my world and fill my countenance with joy. How grateful I am to have you as my future. You are my world.
  • I had the opportunity to choose who’d be in my world and I’m glad I choose wisely. You mean the world to me, dear.
  • I won’t just make you happy but for a lifetime you’ll experience total happiness. You are my world!
  • I’m not afraid because if I lose everything, I still have my world intact. My world is you and you are my world.
  • You may not appear as a shining star or the wealthiest man but I cherish who you are. You are my world!
  • Others say when you’re in love it is a risk. I’m thankful I took this risk and I’ll always take it till my dying day. I love you, dearest. You are my world!
  • The tides of time may take us far apart but one thing I know and I’m sure of is that my heart is yours and my world is built around you.
  • I do not have what to offer that would satisfy your soul. I promise never to do you wrong but to fix things right always. You make my world alive.
  • Sometimes I feel I have so much in this world because I have you. You spice up my world.
  • When all seems lost, happiness turns to sadness and peace turns to trouble, I’m always smiling because I have one person whose voice speaks peace to my world. You mean the world to me, babe.
  • People may not know what it means to value your heart but I know beyond what it means and I’ll guard it so preciously. You are my world.
  • The world has different meanings but you are my world and you mean a lot.
  • Life is amazing knowing I have you with me always and soiling my heart with pure love. You rock my world dear.
  • Anything I have to do to keep you, I’ll do with Joy for you are my world.
  • I’m satisfied with this true love you have shown me. It fills my world and you are my world.
  • No matter the distance or time, my heart would always be for you. You are my world!
  • Every section of my life, you fit in perfectly and it fills me with so much pride. I love you my world.
  • When I look for love, honesty, Joy, peace and truth, I find them in you. You are filled with blessed ingredients to spice up my world.
  • A box of treasure filled with gold is how I’ll keep you and guard you. You are my world.
  • Your handsome face, sexy eyes aren’t the qualifications for me to accept you to the world but you have proven true and your sincere love and kind heart have captured me. You are my world!
  • Good things have happened to me in life but the best thing is having YOU in my world.
  • You met me miserable and made my life a wonderful mystery. I’m so privileged to have you in my world darling. You are my world.
  • My testimony is complete and real since you crossed my path. You are my world!
  • You filled my life with different shades of love and sparkled it to a new dawn in a new world. You are my world darling!
  • I let you into my world secretly and you opened me to greatness. I love you. You are my world!
  • I don’t want to know how imperfect you are to others because to me you’re the most perfect and loving being I have experienced. You are my world!
  • In your arms, my heart sings silently that super love song that soars my soul to a special haven. You are my world!
  • I’ve never been ashamed I signed into your future. I enjoy every treat you give me baby. You are my world!
  • My love for you is unmeasurable because every time I try to count your love. I lost count. You rule my world babe.
  • When the crown leaves the head, it becomes non-effective but you’ve protected my Crown and made me so effective in your world. I love you. You are my world!
  • My constant word in my life is YOU. You are my love and my world.
  • I feel like the most wealthy woman not because I have wealth but because I have the best man in the world wrapped with true love. You are my world darling!
  • Your worth to me is far precious than you think. With you in my world I have millions. You are my world!
  • I call you a husband but you’re more than a husband. You’re a friend, leader, mentor and a father to me. You mean the world to me dearest!
  • Everyday, every time and every hour I just want to say these words. You are my world!
  • Being with you is not just a relationship but a future asset that can’t be obtained from elsewhere. You are my world!
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You Are My World Quotes for Her – Girlfriend

The best of sweet romantic you are my world quotes for him – your beautiful girlfriend.

  • When I look straight into your eyes in your warm arms, I see my world so bright and beautiful. You are my world.
  • If my strength fails, my world is still you and you forever. You are my world.
  • With you, I want to go round the world for the world to know my world. You’re the best, Baby!
  • I don’t have a special meeting point because anytime I can go into my world and find rest. I love you, dear.
  • Travelling miles away isn’t worth it because every day I have my world with me and it makes me happy.
  • Nothing in the world would make me lose my world. You are my world baby.
  • Other women are just passing by but you mean the world to me. I’m glad you came. You are my world.
  • You caused me to be happy even in sadness. I never want to lose a woman so gifted and rare full of virtue and life. You complete my world.
  • When darkness evades me, you bring your light to guide my path. You are my world.
  • I felt everything in life is difficult to get until you surfaced and made life so easy and interesting. You are my world.
  • I want to wake up every morning and see you beside me with those beautiful smiles and hold your hands to say ” you are my world”.
  • Even if the whole world comes together, I can still figure out your brightness for you are my world.
  • You’ve taught me to be fearless and brave, never looking at the past. You’re the best dear. You are my world.
  • Seeing how much my world has lost its savour, you came along to sweeten it with hopes for better days. You are my world.
  • Not all my pains are cured with drugs but your love has eaten deep to my bone marrow giving me life in my world.
  • My heart sings songs of gladness because your love supersedes my imagination. You rock my world dear.
  • I have long gone astray, ruined my world and lost hope. Right now I’m with you, I have a renewed life and a beautiful future ahead. You are my world angel.
  • No matter what it takes, in the cold, sun and pains. I’ll always be with you for you make my world sweet.
  • From the rising of the sun to the setting of the day, my universe will be built around you forever. You are my world.
  • When times get tough and the day goes about, I know my world isn’t missing and it won’t lost its shine. You are my world sweetie.
  • I think of you every single day and it just stirs my being with hopes of a bright future. You are my world.
  • On this journey, I want to hold your hands forever for you are my world.
  • Gold can be precious, silver can be good and diamond can be expensive but you surpass them all. In you, I see all and I see my world.
  • I never knew life can be so fair and pleasant until I found you, my angel. You are my world.
  • In a meeting, I ask for a glass of water, in a gathering I ask for a glass of wine but with you, I ask for everything. You make me complete. You are my world.
  • I’ve attended lectures in series and learnt so many lessons but you taught me lessons so sweet that will last a lifetime. You are my world.
  • You’re all I desire and my thirst for you will never quench. I long for more and I long for you. You are my world.
  • I have you, I lost nothing. You are my world.
  • I see everything I need in you and I don’t need map outlines. You are my world.
  • When the stars come at night, I smile. You are the star who brightens my world.
  • How could it have been possible to create a world without you by my side? It’s impossible. You are my world.
  • The half bread they say is better than none but you are a whole bread and I’m satisfied forever. You are my world.
  • I view my progress and I look back, it’s you, front, it’s you and everywhere it’s you. You are my world.
  • You’re my inspiration, my lover, my best friend, my partner and my world. I love you. You are my world.
  • Others spend a lot to put their lives together but I found it so easy creating my world with you. You are my world.
  • You are the reason I do the things I do. You are my world sweetheart.
  • My past, present and future are you. You’re the best dear. You are my world.
  • The way I feel is unexplainable when you’re around me. I love you forever. You are my world.
  • Everything I want and desire is YOU. My world is incomplete without you.
  • You show me a million world, I’ll show you where my world is. It is you. baby. You are my world.
  • If I create a mansion or springs of water just for you, it won’t be enough to show you how much I love and want you in my life. You are my world.
  • If I have all the time, money, wealth, cars and goodness of life, I’ll spend them and use them with you alone. You are my world.
  • If I have a gift for every second I spend with you, will be so sweet but what I have for you is the gift to be with you for forever. You are my world.
  • Whenever you stir at me, I have this inner assurance which keeps my troubled soul at peace. You are my world.
  • All the wrong people have made my world so unreal but you came right and made my world beautiful. You are my world, love you honey.
  • Shattered with so many issues of life but knowing you have replaced all my lost benefits. You are my world.
  • When life failed to give nothing, you gave everything. I love you.
    You are my world.
  • When situations seemed difficult to handle, you taught me to be patient and honest. You are my world sweetheart.
  • I’ll never let anything destroy this world I’ve built. You are my world.
  • I’ll bring everything under subjection just to prove to you how much you mean to me. You are my world.
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